Why are we called “Sudden” Wealth Protection Law?

Because Sudden Wealth Syndrome is real … and it can be devastating to the person experiencing it. With sudden wealth, you often lack context about how hard it was to acquire the wealth and what it means. You also lack preparation on how to manage it.

Sudden wealth can happen in various ways, such as getting an inheritance, winning the lottery, selling a business, or getting a divorce. When a person experiences sudden wealth, it can be disorienting and result in poor decision-making.

If you have experienced sudden wealth, you need specialized help.

The vast majority of families never maintain their financial success beyond three generations. Because you can’t read the label when you’re inside the bottle. You also can’t figure out the next step to grow your wealth and ensure your family’s long-term success without competent help.

Your family’s needs change as you get to the different levels of wealth.

Regardless of whether you just became a millionaire, or if you are worth nine figures, or somewhere in between, if you are serious about making and keeping money, then you’ve come the right place. Founding attorney Paul Deloughery has worked with affluent individuals and families since 2004. Over that time, he has seen patterns in the particular needs that people have, depending on their level of wealth. That’s why we have developed specific programs that help you get from one stage to the next. We can get you what you need now, and what you will need as you and your family grow in wealth. The most successful families – those with $100 million or more in net worth – have dedicated professionals helping them. Those professionals fine-tune the wealth management decisions that the family makes and help prepare the next generations to take over. At $50 million, a family qualifies for a Multi-Family Office. An MFO offers professionals who are shared with other affluent families. Below $50,000, most families are left scrambling to find competent help. That’s where a “Virtual Family Office” comes in. With our firm, you get appropriate financial oversight of your assets and assistance in the administration of your assets. We do not sell products.

Six Levels of Family Planning


$100 million +


$50 million - $100 million

Lean MFO

$30 million - $50 million


$10 million - $30 million


$5 million - $10 million​


$1 million - $5 million

Meet Attorney Paul Deloughery

I inherited $14 million and blew it all because no one taught me how to manage that much money. I experienced the emotional turmoil of Sudden Wealth Syndrome. As a result, I invested in con artists and trusted the wrong people.

And had I not blown it all, I certainly would have lost it in my divorce or other disputes with creditors because no one showed me how to protect my assets properly.

Since then, I’ve become an accredited Family Wealth Advisor. I dedicated the rest of my life to helping other families avoid the sudden wealth transfer problems that mine experienced.


So, this law firm focuses on:

We deliver customized solutions to meet your Estate Planning, Lawsuit Protection, Trust Administration, Business Succession, and Probate needs. Through in-depth discussions and counseling, we help our clients save taxes, reduce costs, and protect their families. We make our clients feel comfortable discussing their sensitive and unique situations.

We start by diagnosing your particular situation. Then based on that diagnosis, we prescribe a solution.

My wife and I have worked with Paul for several years. He has helped us navigate incredibly complex and intricate legal and estate issues. Paul plugged seamlessly into our extended legal and professional services advisers and worked with them to ensure our objectives were realized in all areas.
Derek Hales
We engaged Sudden Wealth Protection Law to help us set up an asset protection and estate plan for our children. Paul was very patient and answered all our questions, and made the entire process quite painless. We reviewed all documents with care and found the quality to be excellent, I think we only found one minor correction in a 3 inch stack. He always responded to our inquiries promptly and efficiently. In addition to the professional diligence, Paul is a very nice and caring person; we've had subsequent conversations about related topics where he didn't hesitate to volunteer his time to help us out. I would use this firm again in the future.
Henri Waelbroeck
I met Paul after my grandmother passed away some years ago. My mother wanted help making sure that the estate was handled fairly so I found Paul online. Everyone in the office from the receptionist to Bernard Paul's assistant are very friendly and knowledgeable. They made my mom very confident and happy with the outcome. Unfortunately those were some of my mom’s final days too. She passed away less than a year after her case was settled. I came back to Paul for him to help us with her estate. They helped us all the through the process and always answered all our questions. I would recommend Magellan Law to everyone.
Robert McEvoy

There is a saying: “Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.” In other words, if you have created significant wealth, it will probably be gone by the end of your grandchildren’s lifetimes. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Dynasty families maintain their success in three ways: