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What to Do When Someone Dies in Arizona

Serene desert landscape at sunset. What to do when someone dies in Arizona.

Losing a loved one is a heart-wrenching experience, and understanding what to do when someone dies in Arizona is crucial in navigating the subsequent legal and logistical processes. This knowledge is vital for ensuring a smooth and respectful handling of affairs, providing some comfort in a time of grief. This guide is designed to help […]

Probate Glossary

Probate Glossary

What Do Different Legal Words Mean? You may see or hear the following terms used in connection with a deceased person’s estate. This is a probate glossary of common words. If you’re confused about all the different legal words like “probate,” “personal representative,” “trustee,” you’re not alone. Hopefully this probate glossary will help. Annual Exclusion […]

Veterans Benefits

If the deceased was a military member who died on active duty, a tax-free death veterans’ benefit of $12,420 (in 2019) is available. The amount of veterans’ benefits is $100,000 (in 2022) if death is from combat or hazardous duty to help survivors cover living expenses. Additional assistance is available to cover the costs of […]

Social Security Death Benefits

Social Security Death Benefits

The deceased is covered by Social Security death benefits if he or she paid into Social Security for at least 40 quarters.  Locate your local Social Security office at www.ssa.gov/locator. You can contact them to determine if the deceased was eligible for benefits.  If the deceased was eligible, there are two types of possible benefits. […]

Death Taxes

When your loved one dies, you can feel a deep sense of loss. You have family relationships to tend to. You have the funeral and figuring out what to do with the personal property and house. It can all feel overwhelming. We get it. But unfortunately, the IRS doesn’t care. The IRS won’t send a […]

Employee Benefits After Someone Dies

Employee Benefits When Someone Dies in Arizona

What to do first If the deceased was employed at the time of death, you should contact the employer regarding any employee benefits for the survivors.  The employer may have provided life, health or accident insurance that will yield payments.  The deceased may be due a final paycheck for vacation or sick leave.  If the […]