Should You Have a Living Trust In Arizona?

Should you have a living trust in Arizona?

Living trusts allow people to set aside money for future needs without having to worry about probate court proceedings. There are 6 benefits to having a living trust in Arizona. Keep reading to discover what they are. Why Do People Set Up Living Trusts? A living trust allows people to manage their money and property […]

Does Arizona Recognize Common Law Marriage?

Does Arizona Recognize Common Law Marriage?

Common law marriage is when two people live together in an intimate relationship for a certain period of time without being married by a government official. The amount of time required varies. The couple must agree that they will be legally married after the relationship ends. Keep reading to get an answer to your question […]

How To Start Your Own Family Code Of Honor

Start Your Own Family Code Of Honor

Family codes of honor are informal agreements that members of a family follow in order to maintain respect for each other. They’re often used by families with children, but they also apply to adults. If you’re ready to start your own family code of honor, you’ve come to the right place. Create an informal agreement […]