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What Is A Beneficiary Deed?

What is a beneficiary deed?

Beneficiary deeds are used when someone wants to transfer ownership of a real property to another individual after they die. They’re also useful for transferring assets between spouses, children, and other family members. To learn more about what is a beneficiary deed, keep reading. Who Needs A Beneficiary Deed And Why? It is for real […]

What Assets Cannot Be Placed In A Trust?

Photo of Arizona houses. What assets cannot be placed in a trust?

People use trusts to hold property for future use. A trust can avoid probate (the legal process that determines who gets someone’s money and property after they die). People also use them to ensure that their intended beneficiaries receive their money and other property. Now let’s answer your question: What assets cannot be placed in […]

10 Things To Consider When Choosing An Estate Plan Attorney

Family walking outside; choosing an estate plan attorney

An estate plan attorney can help you ensures that your family will inherit what you leave behind. And if you can’t manage your affairs for some reason, an estate plan can appoint someone to manage things for you. Here are 10 things to consider when choosing an estate plan attorney. 1. Does the Attorney Focus […]