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Asset Protection Trusts – Are They Legal?

Man looking out window wondering are asset protection trusts legal

Asset Protection Trusts (APTs) are legal, but may not be effective. They offer the promise of protecting assets from creditors, claims, and lawsuits, and keep them secure for generations to come. But what are the risks? This article will explore the basics of APTs, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. What Is an Asset […]

When Is the Right Time for Asset Protection?

When is asset protection effective?

Asset protection is a way of ensuring that an individual has access to their assets if they are sued or come under financial strain. It is important to understand when the best time for protecting your money and property is. In that way, you can safeguard your hard-earned assets without placing them or yourself in […]

Why You Need to Consider Asset Protection

Scales of Justice. Why asset protection?

Asset protection can protect your hard-earned money. It can provide security for you and your family in the future. Find out why asset protection is vital and how it can help protect your finances from predator creditors. Why Asset Protection Works. You’ve seen the billboards. “No fee unless we win!” “We’ll take your case. You […]