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Why Meeting Minutes Are Important For Your Business Entity

Group discussing why meeting minutes are important.

The main reason why meeting minutes are an important is to maintain the business entity’s corporate veil. They are especially important for limited partnerships, LLCs and corporations. This protects the owners from company liabilities, and prevents the owners’ creditors from seizing company assets. Also, keeping accurate minutes can provide evidence for future legal or financial […]

What Does LLLP Stand For?

People working at desk. Text says "What is an LLLP?"

Have you ever come across the abbreviation LLLP and wondered what it stands for? Many people are unfamiliar with this acronym. But understanding its meaning can be helpful in various situations. In this article, we’ll explain the definition of LLLP and provide tips on when to use it. What is an LLLP? An LLLP, or […]

Asset Protection Attorney Arizona

Old Courthouse in downtown Phoenix. Hire an asset protection attorney Arizona.

Protecting your assets is important, but many people don’t know where to start. Our Arizona Asset Protection Attorney can help provide guidance and knowledge on the best strategies to help you and your family safeguard money, investments, property, and other valuable assets. What is Asset Protection? Asset protection is a strategy for individuals and businesses […]

Top 5 Reasons to Retire in Arizona

Older couple in Sedona wondering if they should retire in Arizona.

If you’re wondering where to settle down for retirement, why not retire in Arizona? This southwestern state provides an array of opportunities and activities to keep retirees busy and fulfilled. From stunning landscapes and hiking trails to vibrant small towns and culture-filled cities, Arizona has it all for modern day retirees. 1. Affordable Property and […]