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Can Undue Influence Be Proven in Court? A Legal Analysis

Younger lady pressuring an elderly woman to sign documents. Can undue influence be proven?

When someone is subject to undue influence, they are coerced, manipulated, or pressured into making decisions that they would not have made otherwise. So, how can undue influence be proven? In this legal analysis, we will explore the concept of undue influence and the steps involved in proving it in court. Introduction to Undue Influence in […]

Trust With No Beneficiary? Here’s What To Do.

Man at desk wondering what to do with a trust with no beneficiary.

When setting up a trust, it’s important to name a beneficiary who will receive the assets held in the trust. However, there may be situations where a trustee has to deal with a trust with no beneficiary. This can create confusion and uncertainty. If you are in this situation, there are steps you can take […]