Asset Protection

Nothing should hold you back from safeguarding your wealth and assets from attack by future unsecured predatory creditors, aggressive litigants, and excessive taxation. 

You’ll be more focused and relaxed  knowing you’re financially secure. However, most small business owners and professionals are worried about frivolous and unfair lawsuits.




Be relaxed and assured knowing you have the ultimate in asset protection:

We understand what it's like to feel vulnerable and confused.

Leveraging over 22 years of legal experience, we’ve helped thousands of business owners and professionals with asset protection. Here’s how it works:

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We Help You Sleep Better Knowing Your Money and Assets are Protected.

Most business owners and professionals are worried that they may be the target of a frivolous lawsuit. We bulletproof your money and other assets from bankruptcy, lawsuits, creditors, divorce and IRS audits so you can relax and focus on your business.

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  • Asset Protection Structuring and Strategies
  • Family Limited Partnership Planning
  • Proprietary Asset Vault Trust
  • Life Insurance Review and Analysis
  • Proprietary Blueprint and Dynasty Analysis
  • Global Business and Estate Development
  • Liability Insurance Coordination and Analysis
  • Training of Defendants for Discovery and Creditor Probing
  • Representation of Plaintiff Creditors for Asset Search
  • Confidentiality Plans
  • Estate Tax Minimization or Avoidance