What Happens If You Die Without an Estate Plan?

Die Without An Estate Plan

It is easy to put off making an estate plan with a will or trust, and young, healthy individuals may see it as a low priority. However, estate planning is not just for the rich or aging, since it allows you to control your assets, healthcare and decision making at any age and income level. If you die without an estate plan, it can leave a mess for your loved ones.

If you die without a will or trust, your assets will be distributed according to Arizona intestate laws, and you will have no say over the distribution. No one wants a court to decide how their property is distributed, since most of us have personal preferences in selecting our heirs and who will receive specific property.

Even if you have a small estate, a simple will is far better than nothing at all, and you could be eligible for a streamlined probate process.

And here’s a shock for you: You actually cannot die without an estate plan. Why? Because the government always has a plan for you. And it’s in the Probate Code. The Arizona Probate Code gives instructions to the Court about who gets your property if you die, and who is in charge. If you want to have a say in this, then you need to state your wishes in properly prepared legal documents. 

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