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Your Legal Administrative Assistant
Opportunity of a Lifetime!


Do you have an internal drive to complete tasks in a timely manner? Are you efficient and economical with your work? Are you a resourceful, self-starting “A-Player” with personal initiative who is self-motivated to work “virtually” without constant micro-management from your supervisors?


Are you able to provide our clients and potential clients the ultimate customer service experience by providing appropriate solutions for clients and following up to resolve any issues they experience? Will you consistently maintain a positive, empathetic, and professional attitude toward clients?


Do you pay consistent attention to detail? Do you have strong analytical and problem-solving skills? Do you use proper grammar and take pride in your work product, which must be substantially free of errors?


Are you proficient at digital communication? Are you able to easily interact with a large range of people in a range of situations? Can you adapt your communication style to fit with others, with the confidence to articulate exactly what you mean in any scenario?


Do you have abundant amounts of mental, emotional and physical energy to bring to your workspace? Do you have a “self-starting” work ethic with the logic and common sense required to patiently manage others like a champion?


Are you willing to go the “extra mile” whenever it’s necessary … even if you’re having a bad day? Do you take 100% responsibility for your personal issues and can leave private problems at home, so you won’t infect others on our Team?


Are you comfortable doing routine office tasks? Can you type 55 words per minute with near perfect accuracy? Do you have experience learning new software? Are you exceptionally organized and willing to become a “super gopher” and do “whatever it takes” (W.I.T.), especially when your other Team members are in a time crunch or traveling? Do you have adequate online research skills to find answers when the rest of the Team hit “dead ends?”


Are you open to fulfill “unreasonable requests” at times when other Team members are under tight professional deadlines? Are you a great listener and “problem-finder” if other Team members are stuck inside their own roles?


We are members of Sudden Wealth Protection Law. We help families and business owners protect their assets and empower their children to be responsible stewards of their wealth. We are all self-starters.
Our managing attorney is Paul Deloughery. He has been providing integrated estate planning, business planning, and asset protection since 2004. He also represents clients in probate and civil litigation. He is also a professional speaker, and a father of two adult children.


We are NOT interested in any professional complainers, lazy people, gossipers, or anyone else who has too many “personal commitments.” (Do NOT apply if you’re just looking for a paycheck to pay the bills. If that’s you, leave this webpage, please … because this opportunity is NOT for you).


We’re now seeking a world-class, experienced professionals who want to maintain their Independent Contractor status and yet make our company their #1 professional priority.


Paul pays “above market standard” and brings you new opportunities that wouldn’t be available to anyone else in a position like this. If you pass our “audition” period, Paul is willing to pay you by the week (versus by the hour) for the first 30 days to find out if you’re a good fit with our other Team members. He is also generous with bonuses, surprise gifts and paid time-off.


Watch Paul’s video to get your next set of directions. If you decide to make it to the end of the message, he will give you the “Access Code” you’ll need for the next web page where you’ll continue this “vetting” process to make certain you’re the ideal fit of this position. Now, please watch this video: CLICK HERE

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This Hiring Process is Subject to Federal Patent Protections
The system we are using for hiring is patented by Alex Mandossian. No one may reverse engineer, copy, or imitate this hiring process without his express written consent.