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Successful families
stay that way.

Sketch of a family with a Family Code of Honor

Your Family's Legacy Is Not Just About Money, It's About Family Values.

How it Works:

If you are here for estate planning, are you concerned about the impact of wealth on your heirs?

If you are here to protect your assets, do you want proven, effective solutions that are backed by generations of case law?

If you want a legal advocate in a probate or trust administration (including litigation, or a guardianship or conservatorship), do you want an effective problem-solver?

Are you concerned that 70% of wealth transfers to the next generation fail?

Financially successful families are often unaware of how to prepare their heirs to receive and manage wealth. Internal family issues around trust, communication and planning often get in the way.
We believe that the successful transition of family wealth and values is not only better for your future generations, but also makes the world a better place.
Our goal is to address your current concerns, and then set your family up for future success.

Six Levels of Family Planning

We will help you preserve and protect your legacy. So your family can avoid losing wealth
due to unprepared heirs and other preventable losses, and instead feel relaxed and assured.

Before we meet, you will be able to choose if you want to meet by Zoom, phone or in person at our Phoenix office. After we say our hellos, we will confirm that the time still works for you. We’ll assure you everything you’ll discuss will be kept confidential. To make the most productive use of your time, an agenda will be proposed. And once you agree on the agenda, we’ll get started.

There are no extraordinary steps you have to take to prepare for the meeting. Just be in a quiet place where you can have a productive conversation, take some notes and be prepared to make decisions based on what we discover together.