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What You Need to Know About Common Law Marriage in Arizona

Romantic couple at sunset. Common Law Marriage Arizona.

While common law marriage is not commonly recognized in the state of Arizona, under certain circumstances it can be legally binding. In this article, we will discuss what qualifies as a common law marriage in Arizona, and how to prove a union that fits its definition. Arizona does not allow couples to enter into a […]

Does Arizona Recognize Common Law Marriage?

Does Arizona Recognize Common Law Marriage?

Common law marriage is when two people live together in an intimate relationship for a certain period of time without being married by a government official. The amount of time required varies. The couple must agree that they will be legally married after the relationship ends. Keep reading to get an answer to your question […]

Probate for Common Law Marriage in Arizona

Probate for common law marriage in Arizona

Common law marriage is an informal relationship between two people who live together and intend to remain married even though they aren’t legally married. It doesn’t require any legal action on either side. Common law marriage is not recognized in Arizona. However, it might have been established in another state that recognizes common law marriage. […]