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What Happens to an Estate with No Assets?

Lady calling creditors. She is dealing with an estate with no assets.

When a person passes away with no assets, their estate is considered insolvent. This means that there is not enough money or property to cover any outstanding debts or expenses. In this post, we’ll explore what happens to an estate with no assets and what steps may need to be taken. Understanding the concept of […]

What Does It Mean When an Estate is Insolvent?

Note showing "Pay debts." When estate is insolvent.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy, and it can be even more challenging when their estate is insolvent. This means that the debts they left behind are greater than the value of their assets. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to understand what it means and how […]

When Should You Hire a Money Protection Lawyer?

American cash with chain and lock around it. Hire a money protection lawyer.

If you’re dealing with bankruptcy, debt collection, or other financial legal issues, it may be time to call a money protection lawyer. This type of lawyer can help protect your finances, defend your rights in court, and provide other legal assistance that may save you from significant losses. What is a Money Protection Lawyer A […]

What Happens to Your Debts After Death?

What Happens to Your Debts After Death?

Heirs to an estate often face dealing with outstanding debts of their deceased loved one, and have to decide who is responsible for payment. If you are creating your estate plan, it is helpful to know the rules about what happens to your debts after death. That way you can avoid creating problems for your […]