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Should You Keep Your Will in a Safety Deposit Box?

Photo of lady putting her will in a safety deposit

Are you unsure of the best place to store your will? Many people consider keeping their will in a safety deposit box as a secure option. However, is this the right choice for you? In this article, we will examine the pros and cons of storing your will in a safety deposit box. While safety […]

What Should Be Included in an Estate Plan?

Person signing a will. What should be included in an estate plan?

Creating an estate plan is an important step in ensuring that your assets and wishes are protected and carried out after your passing. This comprehensive guide will walk you through what should be included in an estate plan, such as a will, power of attorney, healthcare directives, and more. By taking the time to carefully […]

5 Estate Planning Essentials That Most People Overlook

Man grieving over death of loved one who did not have all the estate planning essentials.

Most of us prefer not to contemplate our own mortality, but it’s crucial to prepare for the inevitable to protect our loved ones from unnecessary distress during an already challenging time. At Sudden Wealth Protection Law, we regularly observe that some estate planning essentials are frequently overlooked, causing significant problems for survivors. Today, we will […]

Where Should I Store My Estate Planning Documents?

File marked "Estate Plan." Where should I store my estate planning documents?

Estate planning documents are important legal documents that outline your wishes for your assets and healthcare decisions in the event of your incapacity or death. It’s crucial to keep these documents safe and secure, so they can be easily accessed when needed. If you’re wondering, “Where should I store my estate planning documents?” – then […]

Estate Planning Checklist For Divorce

Estate Planning Checklist For People Going Through Divorce

Do you want your ex-spouse inheriting from you? Should your ex-spouse control your money? Do you want you ex-spouse to make healthcare decisions for you? If not, then keep reading to discover  19 mistakes to avoid to make sure your wishes are carried out.  A Quick Story Let me tell you a story. I was […]

Talking to Your Parents About Estate Planning

Do you have aging loved ones who don’t have their affairs in order if they were to die? This can cause stress on a family. After all, it’s the surviving family that is left to clean things up after someone dies. Unfortunately, your parents or grandparents may not feel the same urgency as you do. […]