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What is a Will In Terrorem Clause and How Does it Work?

Photo of a will, a pen, and a Last Will and Testament with a will in terrorem clause.

A will in terrorem clause is a legal provision that can be included in a will to discourage beneficiaries from challenging its validity. This clause disinherits any beneficiary who contests the will, which means they will not receive any inheritance. However, there are still ways to get around it. Learn more about how this clause […]

Going to Court With a No Contest Clause

Seeking Declaratory Judgment when No Contest Clause

Trusts sometimes include a No Contest Clause (also sometimes called an In Terrorem Clause). In case you’ve never heard of the term, here’s a definition … What is a No Contest Clause in a Trust? A No Contest clause in a trust that threatens to disinherit a beneficiary of the trust if that beneficiary challenges […]