Understanding the Will Probate Process: A Comprehensive Guide

Photo of book called "Estate Law" and Last Will and Testament. Learning the Will Probate Process.

When a loved one passes away, their assets and property may need to go through the will probate process. This legal process can be complex and confusing, but understanding the steps involved can help make it smoother. In this guide, we’ll break down the will probate process and provide helpful tips to navigate it successfully. […]

Who Probates a Will?

Man in sport coat researching on laptop who probates a will.

When someone passes away, whatever they owned must sometimes go through a legal process known as probate. But who probates a will? Answering that question depends on your specific situation.  That’s why t’s important to know the rules in order to ensure that the right person handles the deceased person’s estate. Who Probates a Will? […]

Can a Power of Attorney Change a Will?

Concerned older woman. Can power of attorney change a will?

Power of Attorneys (POA) have authority to act as spelled out in the POA document. But can a Power of Attorney change a Will? Generally, a POA does not have the authority to alter or amend a Will. If you believe an Agent under a Power of Attorney changed a loved one’s Will, they may […]

Who is Executor Where There’s No Will?

Photo of casket being carried to a hearse. Who is executor where there's no will?

When someone dies without a will, it can be difficult to know who is responsible for carrying out the deceased person’s wishes. The executor of an estate – even in the case of no will – is ultimately responsible for dealing with the deceased person’s possessions and taking care of any legal requirements. Let’s talk […]

Why Probate a Will?

Last Will and Testament. Why probate a will?

Are you asking yourself, “Why probate a will?” Probating a will is the process of legally validating a deceased person’s final wishes. It’s important for making sure that the wishes laid out in the will are carried out according to applicable state laws. With a thorough understanding of why probate is necessary, you can ensure […]

When Is a Will or Trust Better Than the Other?

Man signing a document. Is a will or trust better?

Deciding when is a will or trust better is an important decision. Both provide you and your family with distinct advantages. Wills are great for setting up distribution of assets. They are also less expensive initially. On the other hand, trusts can provide more protection and control. This article will help you decide which one […]