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Using Life Insurance for Family Protection: Mistakes to Avoid

Welcome to a comprehensive guide on using life insurance for family protection. Life insurance is an essential tool to safeguard your loved ones’ financial future in case of an untimely demise. However, navigating the world of life insurance can be daunting, and making mistakes can have long-lasting consequences for your family. In this article, we […]

Life Insurance With No Beneficiary: Who Receives the Proceeds?

Law books. Researching life insurance with no beneficiary

When trying to determine who will receive the proceeds from a life insurance policy without a beneficiary, it can be confusing. Fortunately, there are some guidelines and processes in place that can help you figure out who is eligible for the money. Keep reading to learn more about life insurance with no beneficiary today. If […]

Is Life Insurance Part Of An Estate?

Is Life Insurance Part Of An Estate?

People often include life insurance in their estate plans to offer financial security for their loved ones after their passing. It also helps pay for funeral expenses and other costs associated with death. But is life insurance part of an estate? Keep reading to find out. The Basics of Life Insurance. Life insurance is a […]

Funding A Trust

Funding a trust. Cows going to barn.

Funding a trust is crucial. If you don’t transfer assets to the trust, they may have to go through probate court when you die. Let Me Tell You A Story. Let me tell you a story. A senior attorney who mentored me years ago used to describe funding a trust this way. He would always […]

What Assets Cannot Be Placed In A Trust?

Photo of Arizona houses. What assets cannot be placed in a trust?

People use trusts to hold property for future use. A trust can avoid probate (the legal process that determines who gets someone’s money and property after they die). People also use them to ensure that their intended beneficiaries receive their money and other property. Now let’s answer your question: What assets cannot be placed in […]

Arizona Inheritance Laws

Arizona Inheritance Laws

When someone passes away in Arizona, the Arizona inheritance laws determine who has the right to receive the deceased person’s estate. These rules cover how the estate is distributed. They may include provisions for spouses, children, and other family members or loved ones. Arizona Inheritance Laws With a Will If your deceased loved one died […]