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Navigating the Turbulent Waters of a Contested Trust

Photo of turbulent water. Dealing with a contested trust.

A contested trust can create turbulent waters that can leave families in disarray. The legal battles that ensue can be emotionally draining, time-consuming, and financially burdensome. However, expert insights and strategic approaches make navigating the complexities of contested trusts a more manageable endeavor. In this article, we delve into the world of contested trusts, uncover […]

13 Common Causes of Estate Litigation Among Heirs

Women involved in estate litigation.

Estate litigation can arise when there’s a dispute among heirs over the terms of an estate plan. It can also occur when someone believes the deceased person wrongfully excluded them from inheritance or denied them rightful access to estate assets. By understanding 13 common causes of estate litigation and how to prevent them, you can […]

What Is Probate Litigation? How a Probate Litigation Attorney Can Help

Paul Deloughery, probate litigation attorney

Looking for a probate litigation attorney to help you navigate an estate dispute? A probate litigation attorney can be a great resource in helping you understand the laws and processes of probate. They can also provide valuable guidance on how best to proceed with your case. Let’s discuss what a probate litigator can do for […]

Trust Litigation Attorney Who Will Fight For Your Rights

Paul Deloughery: trust litigation attorney

A Trust Litigation Attorney is skilled at handling cases involving trusts, estates, wills, probate, and other areas of law that involve trusts. No one wants to go to court to defend their rights over a loved one’s trust or estate. But if you are facing going to court, you need an effective advocate on your […]