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What To Do When An Executor Refuses To Act

Woman at laptop wondering what to do when executor refuses to act.

When you are expecting to benefit from an estate and the executor refuses to fulfill their duties, it can be a stressful and confusing situation. In this article, we will discuss what steps you should take when an executor refuses to act, as well as available remedies when there is a breach of fiduciary duty. […]

Serving as Personal Representative for an Estate

Man at desk serving as personal representative for an estate.

Serving as a personal representative for an estate is an important and often complex job. This guide provides an overview of the various duties, responsibilities, and legal obligations that you must fulfill when acting as a personal representative for someone else’s estate. What Are the Duties of a Personal Representative for an Estate? When acting […]

7 Common Mistakes Personal Representatives Make in Arizona

Common Mistakes Personal Representatives Make

Few people feel prepared when a deceased person’s Will names them Personal Representative. They are often worried about knowing how to probate an estate, what to do, and when. They may also worry about making mistakes. There is good reason for that. Here are 7 common mistakes personal representatives make. These are typical worries that […]

Probate Glossary

Probate Glossary

What Do Different Legal Words Mean? You may see or hear the following terms used in connection with a deceased person’s estate. This is a probate glossary of common words. If you’re confused about all the different legal words like “probate,” “personal representative,” “trustee,” you’re not alone. Hopefully this probate glossary will help. Annual Exclusion […]