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Your Go-To Resource for Probate Lawyers Near You in Arizona

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When dealing with the complex process of probate, it’s crucial to have a knowledgeable and experienced legal partner by your side. If you’re in Arizona and you’ve searched for “probate lawyers near you in Arizona”, you’ve come to the right place. Call 602-443-4888 today to talk to a probate lawyer. Understanding Probate in Arizona. Probate […]

What to Do With a Will With No Beneficiary

Photo of a will with no beneficiary.

When someone passes away and they leave a will with no beneficiary, it can create confusion and legal complications for their loved ones. It’s important to understand the steps involved in navigating this process and ensuring that the deceased’s wishes are carried out properly. In this post, we’ll provide guidance on how to handle a […]

Who Pays Probate Attorney Fees?

Family consoling grieving young woman. Who pays probate attorney fees?

If you are involved in a probate case, one of your main questions might be who pays probate attorney fees? Typically, it is the estate that pays all costs associated with the probate process, but there may be some circumstances where others also have to help pay for those expenses. What Are Probate Attorney Fees? […]

What a Probate Lawyer Does

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A probate lawyer is an attorney who specializes in the legal process of settling a person’s estate after they pass away. What a probate lawyer does is identify the deceased person’s property, figure out who is supposed to receive it, and then legally transfer title to those people. They provide vital support during this difficult […]

5 Reasons You Need an Inheritance Lawyer

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Inheriting assets from a loved one can be a bittersweet experience. On one hand, it’s a tangible reminder of the person you’ve lost and the memories you’ve shared. On the other hand, the inheritance process can be complex, stressful, and emotionally charged. As an inheritance lawyer, our firm understands the challenges that come with managing […]

When Does a Probate Lawyer Get Paid?

When Does a Probate Lawyer Get Paid?

Your loved one died. You think you need to do a probate. But you weren’t planning on spending a bunch of money on a lawyer right now. There are four main ways that a lawyer can get paid from a probate. Your loved one died. And you weren’t planning on spending a bunch of money […]