An In-Depth Guide to Putting Your House in Trust

Person signing to put house in trust.

Putting your house in a trust can be a great way to protect it, ensure that assets are passed on efficiently, and give you peace of mind. But there are certain steps you’ll need to take before putting your house in trust, as well as some factors to consider that may influence the process. What […]

6 Disadvantages of Having a Revocable Living Trust

disadvantages of revocable living trust

Revocable Living Trusts can be a great way to protect family assets, plan for the future, and reduce estate taxes. However, there are some potential disadvantages of a revocable living trust that you should consider before deciding if it is the right choice for you.  Here are some of the most common drawbacks of a Revocable […]

Should You Have a Living Trust In Arizona?

Should you have a living trust in Arizona?

Living trusts allow people to set aside money for future needs without having to worry about probate court proceedings. There are 6 benefits to having a living trust in Arizona. Keep reading to discover what they are. Why Do People Set Up Living Trusts? A living trust allows people to manage their money and property […]

Living Trust in Arizona: Frequently Asked Questions

Living Trust in Arizona FAQs

Do you have a living trust? Or are you considering getting one? Either way, you probably have a lot of questions. In this article, we try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about having a living trust in Arizona. What Is a Living Trust in Arizona? A living trust is a trust […]