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Understanding the Psychology of Sudden Wealth

Woman sitting, experiencing the psychology of sudden wealth.

Sudden wealth can be both a blessing and a curse. While it can bring financial security, sudden wealth can also cause anxiety, stress and guilt. With this guide, you will gain insight into the psychology of sudden wealth and learn tips for responsibly handling and enjoying the newfound wealth. Be Mindful of the Challenges that […]

What are the Symptoms of Sudden Wealth Syndrome?

Woman looking out window suffering from sudden wealth syndrome.

Sudden wealth syndrome occurs when someone receives a large sum of money or an inheritance and reacts in ways that are unexpected or damaging. It is not just about the financial concern. It’s also about the psychological adjustment to sudden or drastic changes to lifestyle and relationships. Feeling Overwhelmed from Sudden Wealth Syndrome. Persons who […]

Should you tell your kids how much you’re worth?

Tell your kids how much you'e worth

In the process of preparing your will or trust, one question that comes up is this: Should you tell your kids how much you’re worth? The Short Answer … Here’s the short answer: Probably yes. But it’s more complicated than simply giving them a dollar figure. In all likelihood, your money and property are going […]