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How To Transfer Property Into A Trust In Arizona

How To Transfer Property Into A Trust In Arizona

Transferring property into a trust is an important step for many people. It allows you to avoid probate court proceedings, which can take years and cost thousands of dollars. What Are The Benefits Of Creating A Trust? There are several benefits to creating a trust. One benefit is that it protects your assets from creditors. […]

Understanding the Key Differences: Trustee vs Trustor Explained

Businessman reading about difference between trustee vs trustor

Are you familiar with the terms “trustee” and “trustor”? While they may sound similar, they actually refer to two different roles in the world of trusts. Understanding the key differences between a trustee vs trustor is essential when it comes to estate planning and managing assets. In simple terms, a trustee is the person or […]

Understanding Your Role as Trustee for a Trust

Man at laptop trying to understand his role as trustee of a trust

As a trustee for a trust, you hold a significant responsibility in managing and safeguarding the assets within the trust. However, navigating the intricacies of this role can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to demystify your duties and understand your key responsibilities as a trustee. In this article, we will provide you with […]

Navigating the Turbulent Waters of a Contested Trust

Photo of turbulent water. Dealing with a contested trust.

A contested trust can create turbulent waters that can leave families in disarray. The legal battles that ensue can be emotionally draining, time-consuming, and financially burdensome. However, expert insights and strategic approaches make navigating the complexities of contested trusts a more manageable endeavor. In this article, we delve into the world of contested trusts, uncover […]

Trust With No Beneficiary? Here’s What To Do.

Man at desk wondering what to do with a trust with no beneficiary.

When setting up a trust, it’s important to name a beneficiary who will receive the assets held in the trust. However, there may be situations where a trustee has to deal with a trust with no beneficiary. This can create confusion and uncertainty. If you are in this situation, there are steps you can take […]

Can A Trustee Remove a Beneficiary From A Trust?

Photo of someone signing documents. Can a trustee remove a beneficiary from a Trust?

A trustee of a trust has powers listed in the trust document, and as specified by state law. They are in control of trust assets, and ultimately are charged with distributing money and property to the trust beneficiaries. But can a trustee remove a beneficiary from a trust? Keep reading to find out more about when […]