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Veterans Benefits

If the deceased was a military member who died on active duty, a tax-free death veterans’ benefit of $12,420 (in 2019) is available. The amount of veterans’ benefits is $100,000 (in 2022) if death is from combat or hazardous duty to help survivors cover living expenses. Additional assistance is available to cover the costs of burial.

Burial Expenses

If the deceased was a veteran, the survivor may be eligible to receive a lump-sum payment of $796 (in 2019) for burial expenses and an allowance of $796 (in 2019) toward a plot in a private cemetery (burial in a national cemetery is free to a veteran, his or her spouse, and dependent children).  Veterans are also eligible to receive a headstone or grave marker at no charge.  The funeral director often can help you apply for these veterans’ benefits, or you can contact the regional Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) office.

Monthly Payments

The surviving spouse and dependent children of veterans receiving disability benefits may also be entitled to monthly payments.  Check with your regional VA office.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs
3333 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85012
(800) 827-1000


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