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Wills and Trusts Attorney in Phoenix

Protect your loved ones and ensure your wishes are honored with a well-drafted Estate Plan.

What is estate planning and why do you need an attorney?

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Planning for the future is important, especially when it comes to protecting your assets and ensuring your wishes are carried out after you pass away. That’s where hiring us as your wills and trusts attorney can help.

Estate planning is the process of arranging for the management and distribution of your assets in case you become incapacitated and after you pass away. This includes creating a will, establishing trusts, and designating beneficiaries for your retirement accounts and life insurance policies. An experienced wills and trusts attorney in Phoenix can help you navigate the complex legal requirements of estate planning and ensure that your wishes are carried out. Without proper planning, your assets may be distributed according to Arizona state law, which may not align with your wishes.

What is a will, and why do you need one?

A will is a legal document that outlines how a person’s assets and property will be distributed after their death. It allows the person making the will, known as the testator, to specify who will receive their property, and how much each person will receive.
A will is an essential part of an estate plan because it ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. Without a will, your property may be distributed according to Arizona state law, which may not reflect your preferences. Additionally, a will allows you to name a Personal Representative, who will be responsible for managing your estate and carrying out your wishes. A will can also be used to name guardians for minor children, establish trusts for beneficiaries, and minimize estate taxes. It can be written to protect beneficiaries from creditors or from making poor choices with their inheritance.

What is a trust, and how is it different from a will?

A trust is a legal arrangement where a trustee holds and manages assets for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries. Unlike a will, a trust can take effect during your lifetime and can continue after your death. Trusts can be used to manage assets for minors or individuals with disabilities, to avoid probate, and to provide for the long-term care of a loved one. Let us help you determine if a trust is right for your estate planning needs.

What happens if you die without a will or trust?

If you die without a will or trust, your assets will be distributed according to state law, which may not align with your wishes. This is known as dying intestate. The court will appoint a Personal Representative to manage your estate and distribute your assets to your heirs based on a predetermined formula. This can lead to disputes among family members and may result in a less-than-optimal distribution of your assets. Call or Email us today to ensure your wishes are carried out and your assets are protected.

Estate planning for business owners in Phoenix.

As a business owner in Phoenix, it’s important to have a comprehensive estate plan in place to protect your assets and ensure a smooth transition of ownership in the event of your death. A wills and trusts attorney can help you create a plan that addresses your unique needs and goals, including business succession planning, asset protection, and tax planning. We have experience in estate planning for business owners and a track record of success in this area.

Ready to get your Will and Trust in place?

Creating a comprehensive estate plan can be a daunting task. That’s why we’re here to help. Our experienced legal team specializes in creating customized estate plans tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether you need a simple will or a complex trust, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process.

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