All You Need to Know About Arizona’s Transfer-on-Death Deeds

Man handing keys; transfer on death deed Arizona.

A Transfer-on-Death Deed in Arizona allows people to name a beneficiary who will take ownership of their real estate after they pass away without having to go through the expensive and complicated probate process. Learn whether using this document makes sense for you.

What is a Transfer-on-Death Deed?

An Arizona Transfer-on-Death Deed is a document that allows a person to pass their real estate to someone else without having to involve the probate court. The deed is registered with the county recorder. It names one or more beneficiaries who will take ownership of the real estate when the original owner passes away. In order for the transfer to take effect, it must be signed and recorded while the original owner is still alive.

The official name for an Arizona Transfer on Death Deed is a Beneficiary Deed. There is sample language in the Arizona statute at A.R.S. Section 33-405.


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